Whether you are taking a calcium supplement because of a diagnosed deficiency or as a preventative for osteoporosis, you should consider; why aren’t you absorbing calcium from foods and where is the calcium you are not absorbing going. Not all of the calcium is metabolized out of body by small intestine or the kidneys. So where is it going?

It is carried by the blood to areas of inflammation and deposited thus we have arthritics; plaque; gall stones; fibroids and calcium deposits in the breast. Also, there are cases of those with leg cramps and constipation because the magnesium calcium ratio is disturbed and becomes off balance.

If you still want to supplement with calcium, consider taking it in a homeopathic form. Calcium in this form is not metabolized by the body and does not deposit in the body. it is carried by the energetic pathways thus it doesn’t cause the health issues as a calcium supplement can do.
In another issue, homeopathics can cause problems if not prescribed by a constitutional practitioner who will consider the hereditay patterns, emotional nature and life pathway before suggeting a remedy.   symptoms mean that there is a disturbance in the bodies energy pathway. Using remedies for single symptoms can suppress the problems much like prescription drugs.In California, there is not a certification for Homeopathy so anyone can prescribe. always consult a constitutional prescriber who has the education to help you.

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“Under the thick layer of our skin is the soul of our childhood remaining unchanged. The soul is impervious to time.” Francois Mauriac

The following questions are those I ask of my patients in order to initiate introspection:

What emotional problems have you not solved

What motivates you

what are you seeking

what validates you

what keeps your interest

what makes you happy or sad

what fears do you have

what was your childhood like, how did it affect you

do you seek to satisfy yourself or others

which parent did you attempt to please

how or what do you do to compensate

critical events of your life, your life theme.

how do others see you, how do you see yourself

persona in public, person in private

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How does astrology relate to your health? How can we use astrology to prevent illnesses? Can astrology show how thoughts or emotions lead to disease?

The answer is yes.

Medical astrology shows the relationship of astrology to your health. By using the birth chart, you can see what possible health problems you could have. The chart can show the connection between mental, emotional and physical components of your health.  Let Medical astrology show to overcome issues for a happier and healthier life.

The class topics;

  • Astrology aspects that affect your health
  • Using astrology to heal
  • Mental, emotional and physical part of your health
  • Energy pattern – why you attract the certain situations and people
  • Charkas and organ systems
  • Your diet- if you are what you eat what should you eat
  • Med scan technique
  • Affirmations and meditations

Each participant will have their chart analyzed in the class.

Class size limited so email your attendance and take charge of your health

Register at:drmlevan@hotmail.com


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Astrology and your Health

class description

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Lecture series coming soon!

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Where Will You Live When You Wear Out Your Body?

I have decided to write this blog to educate people on alternative  health care. Traditional medicine either suppress symptoms with prescriptions that lead to further problems or “when in doubt cut it out.” Is that what you are choosing for your healthcare?

There is another approach, Holistic Medicine. Man is more than a collection of anatomical parts:  He thinks, he feels, he has experiences; this is not considered in conventional medicine. One cannot be healed unless all the energies in the body are balanced.

Symptoms are the way the body tells you your energy is blocked. We can then look at the belief structure associated with each organ system.

For example.  Lungs/Grief, Gallbladder/Bitterness, Liver/Anger, Ovaries/Creativity.

So Where Will You Live When You Wear Out Your Body?  Perhaps its time to consider another way of treating your symptoms.

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